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Are you tired of the fear and uncertainty that comes with facing a deadly illness? With our product, you can finally take control of your health and bid farewell to the burden of exorbitant hospital bills. Imagine a future where you can overcome life-threatening illnesses without the pain, risks, and financial strain or surgery.

Discover how structured water have freed many from sickness and dieases

About Us

LifesaversInternational Foundation was established by Great George Otosin, who is also the CEO of Longevity Gold International Limited. This company was founded in September 2017 and officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2019.

The journey to make a difference in people’s lives started in 2006, when I tragically lost my Father as a result of his numerous health crises. These challenges depleted all that he had worked hard for, and yet, we were unable to save him.

In 2007, I had the privilege of meeting a woman who shared with me the groundbreaking concept of alkalizing one’s water as a fundamental step toward maintaining good health. Upon researching and confirming the validity of this notion, I came to a poignant realization.

It became evident that my father and many others who had passed away prematurely due to health issues had, in essence, succumbed to a lack of knowledge – they simply didn’t possess the awareness to take the right actions.

Since that transformative moment, I’ve been resolute in my commitment to ensuring that we empower our community with knowledge. This remarkable discovery has inspired me to dedicate myself to spreading awareness, striving to enlighten people about this invaluable knowledge.”

At Life Savers International, we firmly believe that every life is precious, and every disease aims to take its victim’s life, no matter how minor the symptoms may seem.

Throughout history, humanity has faced a myriad of deadly diseases, from malaria and typhoid to cancer and diabetes.

Today, modern society grapples with an alarming increase in the prevalence of life-threatening ailments. But fear not, for there is hope!

Our journey began with a profound realization – these health challenges are often rooted in deficiencies within our bodies. Shockingly, over 95% of the world’s population are unaware of this critical fact.

At Life Savers International, we are committed to unveiling the secrets behind these unfortunate occurrences and providing the means to reverse these abnormalities.

Statistics shows that 75% of the human body is composed of water, therefore the quality and quantity of water we consume daily play a vital role in determining our overall health. Our research has revealed a pivotal distinction between two types of water – Acidic (lacking vital minerals) and Alkaline (rich in essential minerals).

During the water purification process, crucial organic minerals that could improve our health are lost, while harmful chemicals are introduced, resulting in overly acidic water. This acidic water, when consumed, leads to ‘acidosis,’ which serves as the root cause of various diseases.


Alkaforce is an Alkaline and Plant based Therapy, which Virtually addresses all Diseases and Ailments at Cellular level or Root Cause by adressing the fellowing:


Alkaforce Product Prevent you from going through:

Alkaforce is a simple WAY TO GET RID OF CHRONIC Disease, virus, fungi and bacterial 100% PERMANENTLY FROM YOUR BODY SYSTEM, AND EQUALLY FLUSH ACIDITY, changing the body system to be alkaline. The intake of Alkaforce health drink will cleanse acidity out of your system and when acidity is arrested from your system, your body will be free from the following problems

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Invite them to bring the healing power of structured water to those in need.  By hosting the foundation, you can offer a lifeline to the poor and helpless individuals battling illness in your area, empowering them to improve their overall quality of life.

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Join the life-saving mission of Life Savers International Foundation by making a donation. Your contribution will support the provision of structured water to those in need.

By donating, you become a crucial part of offering a lifeline to the poor and helpless individuals battling illness, giving them an opportunity to regain their health and well-being.

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Take action and become a volunteer with Life Savers International Foundation. By joining their team, you can actively contribute to their mission of saving lives.

Volunteers play a crucial role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, by Participating, you can empower the poor and helpless individuals in society to improve their overall quality of life.


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Many Individuals are victims of an ignorant system that leaves them impoverished while diseases, sickness and all sort of bodily abnormalities ravage their well-being.

Life Savers Foundation has come to their rescue by helping them structure their drinking water to an ideal state using Alkaforce water enhancer.

Extensive studies have proven that structured water plays a significant role in supporting the body’s natural healing processes which addresses a wide range of diseases.

We aim to offer a lifeline to the poor and helpless individuals who are battling diseases and all kinds of abnormalities of the body.

Our commitment to saving lives extends beyond the provision of structured water. We understand that holistic approach is the easiest yet most effective way to help people regain optimum health. We also emphasize the importance of addressing other factors that contribute to a healthy life. This includes promoting a healthy lifestyle, which encompasses nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more.

Through our comprehensive approach, we aspire to empower the poor and helpless individuals in our society, giving them the opportunity to regain their health and improve their overall quality of life. We firmly believe that by combining the power of structured water with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, we can make a tangible difference in saving lives.

We guarantee 100% Effectiveness if the product does not work we will refund your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product. However, this is only applicable if you fellow the instruction of usage as it was given to you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our operational success is built on TRUST!
80% of diseases are caused by Acidosis and Oxidation or Free Radicals. All diseases come from one root cause – too much acidity which causes inflammation. If all diseases come from one root cause, it is also possible that one product that’s 100% alkaline with required antioxidants can cure most diseases. Alkaforce has proved effective in the treatment of most health disorders.

Dr Otto Wurburg, a German, two times Nobel prize winner said in one of his theses that bacteria, viruses, fungi cannot survive in an Alkaline environment. Based on that, a product that is 100% Alkaline with potent rare Antioxidants can neutralize ACIDOSIS, suffocate and kill Bacteria, virus and fungi, etc. In other words, it can cure most diseases!

To deliver  Alkaforce, we have partnered with the most reliable logistics companies to make same day delivery. Because our business is built on trust, we’re happy to assist you with any issues that may arise during shipping. If you need a return or exchange, please send us an email with order details, so we can discuss a suitable solution. Terms and conditions apply.

Alkaforce health drink is an 100% Aloe Ferox, 100% Alkaline, and packed with antioxidants to combat most health disorders caused by free radicals. It is 100% herbal, alcohol-free and sugar-free. It is a product of Nigeria and NAFDAC approved.